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Green Garage Doors

10/27/2013 Back To Blog

The protection of the environment needs more than simple words and empty promises. It requires simple actions on a daily basis and individual initiatives. It is a good thing that most manufacturers use green materials for the production of ecofriendly commodities and mechanisms, which consume less energy. The garage of each house affects the temperature of the entire house and that's why the good insulation of the garage doors will not only benefit the environment but also your pockets.

The advantages of insulated doors

  • If you are planning garage door panel replacement, get insulated materials. The metal doors are better insulated since they can be processed easier and you can choose the level of the door's insulation efficiency. You need to remember that the higher the R-Value indicator, the better.
  • If you cannot afford garage door replacement right now, you can still insulate your existing door. There are special kits on the market with specific instructions for the installation of the material.
  • The experts at garage door repair Sierra Madre remind you the importance of the bottom seal. It seals the gap at the bottom part of the door and if not replaced when it is worn, you will lose energy.

Take care of the garage

You won't have the expected results if you have two broken windows in the garage. It is obvious that the thickest and best insulated garage door in the world cannot offer much when energy is lost by small gaps, holes and broken windows. You must also search the walls for signs of moisture and fix any problems that could cancel your efforts.

Maintain the mechanism

The slightest gap underneath the door or beside it would mean energy loss. When the door doesn't close well, you should check the opener, the springs and cables, which are the most usual suspects. Regular garage door repairs will ensure the effective operation of the door and you won't be dealing with half open doors and dysfunctional systems, which apart from compromising your security will also take all energy away.

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