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The full list of important garage door repair tips. A page for consumers and industry professionals.

Garage door weather stripping tip

It is tempting to ignore weather stripping during the maintenance unless it is specifically mentioned in the manual. However, that would be an unwise choice because it reduces the durability and strength of the entire structure. The sealant plays an important role in keeping your safe because it reduces fraying and actual breakages. It also helps to save on heating and cooling bills.

Tip for washing garage doors

Although this may appear to be a commonsense measure that should never be controversial, many home owners forget to wash their doors. Garage Door Repair Sierra Madre has found that this type of maintenance keeps the overall replacement costs low. Make sure that you use detergents or materials that are not abrasive. This will be eco friendly and reduce the risk of premature ageing.

Don't install the new garage door alone

Garage door installation requires great power, experience and precision and that's why it's not an easy task. You can ask the assistance of our experts in Sierra Madre because the right installation of the door will determine the balance, stability and safety of the system.

Be familiar with the emergency feature

Most garage doors have emergency features for accidents such as an arm getting stuck while the garage door closes. Though it is threatening, it does not mean that there is no solution. Knowing the emergency release feature can help you avoid such accidents in the future.

Keep the controls out of a child’s reach

It is vital to keep the opener control button in a place where children cannot reach as this will ensure their safety. If you do not want the garage door remote control to be misused, our experts suggest that you store this in an area where children cannot locate it easily. You should not let children play with the remote control and the wall unit.

Find out more about frequency interference prevention when buying a new opener

Most modern devices have dual or triple frequency operation this way, the opener will respond even if one frequency is jammed. In general, the more frequencies the device uses, the better. Do not forget to ask how reliable the specific technology of the particular opener is when it comes to preventing interference.

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